FIRE services have issued a warning to discourage the use of paper sky lanterns.

With the end of school approaching and various summer celebrations taking place, Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) are warning people about the dangers of using sky lanterns to celebrate.

Area Commander Mark Preece said: "Whilst we appreciate that sky lanterns can be picturesque, they can also be extremely dangerous. When they finally do land on the ground it's quite possible that they could result in a fire, which as we have seen from the Croft Farm Water Park fire back in 2013, and can have devastating consequences.

"Furthermore, sky lanterns also pose a significant risk to livestock and could start a serious fire if they come into contact with standing crops which may be very dry in this period of hot weather.

"We strongly discourage the use of sky lanterns and urge people to take extra care if they do decide to use them."