THE Venerable Ian Wheatley, Chaplain of the Fleet and Archdeacon for the Royal Navy and former RGS pupil, joined RGS Worcester for its annual Commemoration Service.

The service was held at Worcester Cathedral and his address covered how much of our history as a nation is linked to that of the Royal Navy and and one of the earliest references to the Navy can be traced back to the 680’s.

Community was the core message of The Venerable Ian Wheatley’s address, and this was fully embraced as the chamber choir performed, backed by the Senior Strings, as well as readings by the younger pupils from the Prep Schools RGS The Grange and RGS Springfield.

He also talked about 'nailing your colours to the mast' as a term inherited from the Royal Navy - and that was linked with RGS Worcester and its own community.

A solo from Ben Hughes, Upper Sixth student, of ‘A Million Dreams’ from the hit film ‘The Greatest Showman’, was also another example of where faith in your community can lead.

The school service was held on June 21.