By Michael Purton

WHETHER they win or lose tonight, we can all feel proud of England’s footballers – and it’s been a long time since that was the case.

Whereas England teams at the past few World Cups were either dogged by off the field drama or weighed down by the egos of individual players, or both, the class of 2018 are refreshingly focused and unassuming – and that’s part of the reason why the public are so firmly behind them.

All the way through the team, from manager Gareth Southgate to goalkeeper Jordan Pickford to striker and captain Harry Kane, there is a quiet determination and a distinct lack of the arrogance and ostentatiousness that we’ve come to associate with modern footballers.

That’s why the squad will come home national heroes whatever the outcome against Croatia tonight, and after Sunday’s final should they make it that far.

Even if they don’t win tonight, the future is clearly very bright for this generation of England players and it’s fantastic that our national team are once again great role models and ambassadors for our country.

Come on England!