A HOMELESS man has been offered a job after a teenager started a campaign on Facebook.

Sophie Croft, 15, came across Andy Lane sitting outside Argos in The Shambles, Worcester, and, after chatting for nearly an hour, decided to help get him back on his feet.

She posted a plea on Facebook and was delighted when Mr Lane landed a new job as a tree surgeon, starting on Monday (July 9).

“He told me the devastating story as to why he had been forced on to the streets,” she said after she came across him last Monday.

Miss Croft, had initially given Mr Lane the rest of a milkshake she was drinking.

She said: “I have never in my life seen anybody’s face light up like this man’s. While I sat with him I saw the disgusting looks the public were giving him and asked him how it made him feel.

“He told he that he doesn’t feel a part of society and it makes him upset, but he doesn’t like to say it.

“It truly broke my heart to see the looks he was getting,” she added.

Later that day, Miss Croft, from Worcester but who now lives in Malvern, posted on Facebook asking if anyone needed any painting and decorating jobs doing.

Mr Lane had told her he had been working as a mechanic before being made redundant two years ago, and then losing his flat.

Following Miss Croft’s post, Mr Lane was offered a day’s work painting the shop front of Worcester Learning Zone on New Street by owner Carys Thurlby.

Ms Thurlby described him as "courteous and professional" and added: “When I posted saying I had booked him, a few people were understandably concerned that I didn’t know his background, but I felt that, after talking to him, that I wanted to give him a chance."

Ms Thurlby said she is “more and more concerned” about homeless people in Worcester.

She added: "It was wonderful to be able to support someone by paying them a fair price for their skills.”

“I think it demonstrates that homeless people are willing to work hard, despite the fact they’ve fallen on hard times.”