READERS have united in opposition to a far-right protest due to be held in the city over plans for a £3million mosque.

The English Defence League (EDL) intends to demonstrate against the construction of a mosque in Stanley Road, Worcester, on July 21.

However, locals have told the group it is not welcome in the city and the Mayor has emphasised that Worcester is a calm and tolerant place.

Matthew Williams, who lives in the city, said: "The EDL can bore off, Worcester has a lot of religious heritage and while I'm not religious myself I think it [the mosque] should be allowed.

"As long as people aren't causing harm, let them be."

Ursula Chamberlain added: "I am surprised they are even allowed to march. Their only goal is to incite racial hatred."

Dave Etheridge said the EDL's racism and bigotry was not welcome in Worcester, while Daniel Turner said locals did not want the protest to go ahead and told the group to go elsewhere.

However, a few people did argue that the group should be allowed to demonstrate.

One online reader, writing under the username billbadger, said: "However much people disagree with the EDL's policies, and I do, they have a right to march and protest.

"I look forward to attending the counter march in Worcester."

Another username, called adiabatic, wrote: "People have a right to protest and they protest because they feel their voice is not being listened to.

"I do not agree with the EDL's views but I also do not agree with having this new mosque built.

"Mosques do not breed harmony, gender equality and social integration any more than the EDL do."

The EDL said mosques are intended to spread Islam and that the religion wants to crush other belief systems.

City councillor Jabba Riaz, the Mayor of Worcester, said he was not in a rush to respond to the rally.

He reiterated that his Mayoral theme for this year is love not hate.

West Mercia Police is working with partners to ensure the city is ready for the protest.

The rally will start at 1.30pm in the city centre.