HOME BREWING enthusiasts will be taking part in a competition this summer to create a brand-new brew.

It is estimated that 12-15 members of the Worcestershire HomeBrew Club will be taking part in the challenge.

Nick Davis, founder of the award-winning Hobson’s brewery will appear on the judging panel as well representatives from Charles Faram, the world-renowned Worcestershire Hop Merchant.

The winning beer will be officially launched at Worcestershire’s Sociable Beer Company on Britannia Road in late October.

Dan Walters from the Worcestershire Homebrew Club said: “We were initially interested in our members having a tour of the brewery. 

“But when The Sociable Beer Company suggested the idea of a collaboration, we thought it would be a fantastic opportunity for our members to take part in a commercial scale brew.

“Part of the pleasure of brewing is sharing the results with friends which is also the ethos behind the brewery itself as a result we are all very much looking forward to it." 

Mr Walters told us to expect some unique brews: “One of our members brews Belgium beers and another has dabbled with sour beer, so we are likely to see some of those.

Mr Walters attributes the ‘brew it yourself’ revolution to “the increase in the craft industry over the last 2-3 years leading to a greater interest in home brewing.”

Marketing director of the Sociable Beer Company, Keith Duddy said: ““We are sure that Worcestershire’s finest home brewing enthusiasts will rise to the challenge and produce some very memorable beer”

“From Imperial Stouts to European Style Saisons, IPAs to Best Bitters, there are dozens of styles and flavours of beer - we want to be surprised.”

The competition launches this week and will be judged at a tasting evening on September 20.

The Homebrew Club was set up in 2016 and now meet monthly at The Dragon Inn.

They also visit breweries, go to beer festivals and hold their own summer tasting festival.