THE head of a Worcestershire primary school has hit out at the “ridiculous system” of SATs testing after the result were released this week.

Mrs Bryony Baynes said that staff went home in tears after hearing how the school has scored last week.

She said: “My staff are all passionate about our school and share my vision to make our pupils’ lives better and richer.

“Some of those incredible teachers went home in tears, my fantastic deputy feels a failure and I, only half jokingly, offered my chair of governors my resignation.

“Why? Because of a ridiculous system in this country which judges a school and, by extension, its staff and pupils by a ridiculous yardstick - Year 6 SATs results.

“Like other headteachers across the country, I faced the disappointment of results which were not as good as we had hoped for.

“This is not the fault of our children or our staff. It is the fault of an outdated and ludicrous system which says it is OK to stick 11 and 12 year old children in front of exam papers filled with questions that I would struggle to answer.

“And it’s OK to put a time limit on them to finish those papers and to tell the staff who have nurtured and supported those children all year that they can’t help them at all.

“And then, when understandably, the children get anxious and don’t perform as well as they might, the government says it is OK to judge how good that school is solely on those results.

“I’d like to challenge the Whitehall denizens who created this system to sit those papers themselves and see how they do. I dare say if they did have to sit them, they might decide it is time to change the system and celebrate schools and their staff and pupils for what happens every day.”

Mrs Baynes's comments have drawn supportive comments on Facebook.

Paula Rosanna Duggan said: "Totally agree, The sad thing is children are not allowed to be children any more, it's about statistics and not learning and enjoying education.

"Bring back the old system where it was about enjoying education and not on exam performance.

Catherine Woodall said: "Completely agree children should be nurtured. Show me a job application asking for SAT results."

Judith Cook said: "You sound a lovely head and staff that anyone would be proud to have their child attend your school.

"I’ve worked in schools for 38 years and these exams prove nothing of the ability of our amazing children."

Ema Carson said: "Thank you for ranting. Anyone with an speck of sense realised these tests are not worth the time, energy and paper they are printed on."

Dawn Evans said: "Fantastically put. Our education system is failing because of bureaucracy.

"You sound like a fabulous head and all schools should be proud of the achievements they make these days with so much hindering factors put in them."

Teresa Newman said: "I used to work in schools and there's a lot more to a school than its SATs results.

"When an adult looks back on their primary education they'll remember fondly school trips, school productions, enthusiastic teachers who made learning engaging.

"These are the important things, not SATs results."

Lorraine Smith said: "All schools need to band together and boycott the SATs exam one time would be all needed."