POLICE officers in Redditch have launched a crackdown on knife crime.

The constables will invite members of the public to walk through a knife detector arch as part of the campaign.

The initiative has been organised in partnership with British Transport Police and West Midlands Police.

Inspector Mark Chappell said: "We want to reassure residents who've raised concerns about people carrying knives in Redditch that we are doing our utmost to catch potential criminals and that we are actively tackling organised crime.

"I would like to send out a clear message that it is not acceptable to carry knives, and that doing so could have fatal consequences.

"Our officers are also working closely with schools in the area to try and deter young people from carrying knives by educating children about the dangers and consequences. These are relationships that we really value, and I would like to thank all our partners who are assisting with the activity we are carrying out this week.

"Today, there have been a number of successful outcomes for Revenue Protection Officers from West Midlands Trains, and one male has been cautioned for being in possession of cannabis."