One of the Worcester Stands Tall giraffe sculptures has been removed from the city centre after reportedly being vandalised.

The giraffe which was in The Cross, opposite Pret, has been taken down.

Sara Matthews, the project manager for Worcester Stands Tall, was actually showing her friend around the giraffe trail in the city when she had a call to say one of the giraffe’s had been damaged. 

“It’s just so frustrating,” she said.

”The amount of time and effort and money that has gone into this. 

“It took the artist three weeks to paint the giraffe. All that effort and it’s gone within a matter of seconds. It’s damaged just like that.”

She said a drunk man in his 40s ran straight into the giraffe and knocked it off it’s plinth and onto the ground. 

The giraffe was one of 30 towering sculptures located in the city as part of the art trail to raise money for St Richard’s Hospice.

We’ll have more on this incident as information comes in.