A LORRY crashed into five garden walls, two parked cars and a lamppost after hurtling across a main city road.

The lorry caused damage over a 150 metre area according to the fire service, with residents claiming it "was like an earthquake".

Incredibly, no-one was injured in the crash.

A resident said that the lorry was parked in Rose Bank before it bolted across London Road and down Camp Hill Road.

An eye witness said the driver was not in the lorry at the time.

Louise Knight, 18, who lives in one of the houses whose wall was hit, said: "It was like an earthquake, "We were like ... what was that?

"I was walking into the lounge with a cup of tea, I had just got of bed. I opened the curtains and just saw devastation.

"I just grabbed the phone and called the police."

Miss Knight's grandmother, who did not wish to be named, said that the house belonged to her daughter: "I was near, as I had just got back from shopping.

"He was delivering cement up the road and apparently his handbrake failed and he came down here and took my granddaughter's car.

"He has taken all of the walls out (of the house).

"It's my daughter's house, they are away in the south of France.

"Another car stopped, as otherwise he'd have hit another car up the top."

Jane Mellor, aged 70, said: "I live about 100 metres from the crash.

"I just heard a horrific noise, it sounded like an explosion really.

"There have been a lot of trucks travelling along here, building work is being done at the school."

The crash, in Camp Hill Road, Worcester, just off London Road happened at around 7.50am on Thursday morning.

The lorry came from CPI Euromix's Wolverhampton base.

A West Mercia Police spokesman said: "West Mercia Police were called at around 7.47am this morning to reports of a road traffic collision on Camp Hill Road in Worcester.

"The incident involved a HGV lorry, a vehicle and wall.

"Fire are also in attendance.

"Highways have been informed."

CPI Euromix did not comment other than to confirm where the lorry came from.

No-one had been arrested as the Worcester News went to press.