A FORMER prison officer has become a foster carer for one of the main agencies in Worcester – and is encouraging more local people to help children in need.

Adrian, who worked at HMP Nottingham for 27 years, has been a foster carer for just over a year.

"Being a prison officer is an excellent background for fostering," said Adrian, who works for Nexus Fostering.

"In that environment, you deal with people who have many of the same issues and problems, albeit at a later stage in life.”

He added: "A person who has worked in a prison environment for a substantial period is likely to have developed empathy, compassion and an ability to listen and provide a calm and steady influence when problems arise.”

Adrian feels fostering has given him a new sense of purpose.

“We have a long-term placement of two boys, currently aged 12 and 14, and I have enjoyed sharing the day to day experiences with them. We have evolved from being strangers into a family.”