RESULTS day is a stressful time for many students so our handy guide is here to help you get the most out of the experience and ensure no matter the results, you’re prepared and know what to do next.

When is A-level results day 2018?

It starts at 8am on Thursday, August 16

Are you available on results day?

Make sure you are free because only you can speak to Ucas unless you nominate someone to speak for you.

What do you need on the day?

Ucas login and password

Mobile phone

Contact details for your chosen university

Paper and pens

Pick up your results in the morning

Check when your school will be open before you attend.

What will happen next?

You might be accepted into your first choice university.

Or your second choice - if things did not go entirely to plan.

You could be offered an alternative - which you will need to accept or decline.

If no decisions are displayed - call your universities or colleges to find out what is happening.

Didn’t get the grades you wanted?

If you don’t manage to reach your expected grades - all hope is not lost your university or college might still accept you.

You might not get a place, but you can search through the clearing service to find course vacancies.

Make sure to talk to your school, college, centre or careers office advisor.

Speak to the university you'd like to attend and ask if they would accept you. Only add a clearing choice once you have permission from the university or college.

You can appeal your results but make sure you do this as soon as possible and make sure to keep your university or college in the loop.

Alternatively consider other options, such as work or apprenticeships, reapply next year or look into taking a gap year.

Got better grades than expected?

So you aced your exams - well done. You might want to see what courses are available with higher entry requirements.

View the Ucas adjustment service - you will not lose your current offer.

So you’ve got you place - now what?


A confirmation letter should appear in Ucas track, five to seven days after your place is confirmed. This will not be emailed or posted.

Read the letter carefully to ensure there’s nothing else you need to do. Your university or college may be in touch with further instructions.

Make sure to sort out your student finance - to apply visit,

And your accommodation. You can usually apply for a room on your university’s website.

And finally... Make sure you celebrate completing your A-levels! For more information or support, go to