YES, Derek Bozward's plan to please his wife Wendy is a bit bonkers – but he's walking evidence that romance is not dead and so why not help him make her dream come true?

Mr Bozward, 66, needs an ambulance so he can customise the vehicle to take Wendy, who has only one leg, to Blackpool for a romantic getaway.

Some may ask what makes Mr Bozward deserving of their help, and point to more significant causes that need donations.

To them I say: If we can't unite to help a romantic pensioner make his disabled wife happy, we're a heartless society.

If everyone who reads Mr Bozward's story donates just £1, he'd have more than enough for an old ambulance and probably a caravan too – or even a customised motorhome.

Mr Bozward selflessly cares for Wendy, to whom he's been married 41 years, and clearly they can't afford expensive vehicles and caravans, so let's help them.

Keep an eye on the Worcester News as we'll have details of how readers can donate to help the Bozwards' dream come true.