SIR – RE Councillor Alan Amos’ comments concerning the illegal encampment on the nature reserve.

While I cannot confess to being a supporter of Cllr Amos’ political party, I feel he has summed up the failures to act immediately by Worcester City Council.

The council should be looking after the taxpayers who live in Worcester, not scampering around these unwelcome social parasites like the lot of timid mice they have proved themselves to be.

I know Councillor Richard Udall has been under great pressure from many of us concerned locals, but of course his hands are tied.

The French would not tolerate this behaviour. Why should we?

These people are unwanted and unwelcome guests.

At least let us hear from the local authorities that they have started to implement measures to stop a repeat of this uncontrolled occupation of our local nature reserve.

If us locals had taken action, then of course we would all be imprisoned for interfering with their human rights.

Nigel Hedgcock