DASHCAM footage captured the moment a young boy on a bicycle narrowly missed being hit by a car.

Hereford and Worcester Fire Service released the video caught by Group Commander Robert Allen who was driving along the A38 near Bromsgrove, a 60 mph road when the youth cycled in front of his car. The Group Commander was luckily able to quickly and safely stop without hitting the boy.

The footage circulated on Twitter and has been viewed over 11,000 times. Police have issued a warning over road safety for cyclists following the video.

Detective Superintendent Stacey Williamson said: "Following the large response from the public after a video was released by Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service of a 'near miss' involving a child cycling in front of a car, I would like to take this opportunity to urge children to stay safe over the summer period.

"We know young people will have been looking forward to their time off school, and particularly with the nice weather will be meeting up with their friends outside.

"We don't want to stop them from doing this but are urging parents to ensure their children have a good general awareness of road safety and are using the road network safely, whether this be on public transport, as pedestrians or cyclists.

"I want to reiterate that the child in the video is not in any kind of trouble, but that it is important we acknowledge this incident, and ask families to work with us so that everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer.

"As a part of Operation Snap, members of the public can submit dash cam footage of incidents on the road to police.

Group Commander Robert Allen's statement read: "Today a child rode out in front of me, across the road, without looking! I wasn't sure whether to post the footage, but if it stops a child from being killed on the road it's worthwhile.

"It's currently perfect summer holiday weather for kids to be enjoying being out an about on their bikes – but I shared this video to reinforce the messages about staying safe and being vigilant while cycling on main roads, and also wearing a cycling helmet."