A DAD who denies molesting his daughter confessed he blew raspberries on her lips and tapped her on the bottom 'but not in a sexual way'.

The 51-year-old , who appeared in the witness box yesterday, said he did this in 'a jokey way' and 'it was just once' as he gave evidence at his trial at Worcester Crown Court.

The Worcester man denies two counts of sexual assault against a girl under 13, two counts of sexual assault by penetration, one of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and another of causing a child to watch a sexual act.

When asked by his barrister, Mathew Barnes, if he was responsible for sexually abusing his daughter for 'many years' he said 'no sir'. He also denied buying her tights after another pair got ripped or being 'violent or forceful' with her, admitting to hurting her only once by accident when she was fighting with siblings. He further denied throwing away bedding after the alleged abuse.

His daughter recorded an exchange on her mobile phone in which her dad is heard to say to her: "What happened years ago, that ain't been mentioned to anyone has it?"

Kannan Siva, prosecuting, said that the defendant exhibited 'paranoia' that his daughter would reveal what had happened. He said: "You thought your dark secret would come out."

But the defendant replied: "I have never had a dark secret."

He told the jury that, in the recording, he was talking about his son having asked to see his sister's (the defendant's daughter's) breasts, something he had 'ripped into' him verbally for. The defendant had not been talking about the abuse alleged against him.

He said a vibrator he is accused of using during the abuse belonged to his then wife but that he had thought it was a lighter.

The defendant's son was also called as a defence witness, asked if he had ever noticed 'anything suspicious in his father's behaviour'. He said: "Not at all."

The witness was asked if he ever felt he had walked in on 'something strange' and he replied 'no'.

Four web videos, deemed relevant by the prosecution, had been found on the defendant's mobile phone with references found to to family members having sex.

The trial continues.