A RECOVERY driver convicted of wounding has been warned by a judge he is in 'last chance saloon' after he breached the terms of a court order.

Ricky Gorman appeared at Worcester Crown Court yesterday for breaching a suspended sentence order imposed for wounding.

The 25-year-old of Drakes Avenue, Dines Green, Worcester was made subject to the suspended sentence on October 24, 2016 following a section 20 wounding on May 14 of that year.

Amiee Parkes, for Gorman, said the defendant had been ordered to complete 13 rehabilitation activity days but the probation service had not been able to offer him that amount, so he had only been to four appointments.

She said he had been on a 12 week curfew and had completed 200 hours of unpaid work.

Miss Parkes told the judge the probation service had been happy with the work he had done and had asked the suspended sentence order to continue despite the breach.

Deputy circuit judge Phillip Wassall told Gorman: "I hope the penny has dropped."

He replied: "It has sir."

The judge said: "Your performance before this was really dire."

However, he said his interaction with the probation service since was 'exactly how it needs to be' and although his performance was 'not perfect' it was enough to prevent him activating the suspended sentence.

But he warned the defendant: "You have been in last chance saloon with this.

"If anyone is subject to a suspended sentence in my court then I take the law strictly to mean that, if that is breached, it's imposed unless the person can show it's not in the interests of justice to do so.

"I think, given your improved performance, I can just about say it's not in the interests of justice to do so."

However, he said he had to make the suspended order more onerous to mark the breach and added 20 hours to the unpaid work element.

Gorman was ordered to pay £120 costs.