A TEENAGER was arrested at McDonald’s for possession of a substantial amount of crack cocaine during an afternoon sting operation.

Plain clothes officers tracked Leon Cullen to the fast food restaurant on Foregate Street, Worcester, initially under the impression the 19-year-old was supplying the class A drug.

Peter Love, prosecuting, said Cullen “was handcuffed and when asked if he had any items on him” he responded: “I’m not going to lie, I have got something” – indicating his left pocket.

Officers found clear plastic wrapping containing six wraps, totalling 426 milligrams of crack cocaine, with a street value of £10 each.

Cullen, of Cirencester Place, Worcester, had had youth cautions previously but had never been charged before, the court heard on Thursday (August 9).

He accepted a charge of possession of a controlled drug of Class A.

Mark Sheward, defending, said at the time of the arrest – at around 4.30pm on April 10 – his client was “going through a difficult period” in his personal life.

He said Cullen was using the drug for a short period of time and that what the police found was for his own use, and “not for anyone else”.

“This incident was a wake-up call and he came to his senses,” said Mr Sheward.

The solicitor said Cullen no longer associates with the same people anymore and “his main intention is to not use again”.

He said the teenager is working at a local shop, is happy and no longer taking any drugs.

Susan Roberts, chair of the bench, addressing Cullen, said: “We have taken into account this is your first time in court and there are no aggravating features.”

She said along with the forfeiture and destruction of the drugs seized, he must pay the court £385.