BREXIT is happening, it’s time to accept it however you voted.

A month ago I wrote we had reached that crunch point where it would be decided what Brexit should actually look like.

Prime Minister Theresa's May suggestions split the cabinet and caused resignations, so right now we look to be heading for a no deal.

I always assumed, with things moving so slowly and at times so chaotically, that the March 2019 deadline would be extended.

That could still happen, but I’m not convinced of that now.

Time is running out - just seven months to go - but instead of focusing on the process, what has dominated all the Brexit talk?

The push from some for a second referendum.

Earlier this week it emerged from new research that Worcester would now vote to stay in the European Union, if given a second opportunity.

The research, from Focaldata, showed 53 per cent would now support remain - the opposite to the 2016 vote when 53 per cent voted to leave the EU.

Former city MP Mike Foster told this paper the analysis was further evidence voters had changed their minds and floated the idea of a new referendum.

I wrote last year I favoured a second referendum on the deal, which has been called the people’s vote. As a remain voter in the 2016 referendum, I can understand the upset, and the calls for it.

But since then I have switched sides, believing Brexit gives us a real opportunity at a better future, if we get it right. If ever there was another vote, I would vote to leave.

But at this point I simply can’t see a second referendum happening, and don't want it. That time has passed, a year from now we will be out. It's time to accept where we are, embrace that, and go back to challenging our elected representatives to get it right.

Attention needs to shift back to what the PM and her government are actually doing on Brexit because for example the no-deal scenario would be a mess, and needs to be avoided.

What would be particularly concerning is in a no-deal, EU citizens living in Britain and Brits abroad would have no legal status. Technically, they would be illegal aliens. That situation, and the other Brexit issues, need resolving - that is where all our focus should be.