IF you’re holidaying overseas this year, you will have already spent a lot and that’s just the start. Here's a countdown of the top ten hidden extras.

10. Some airlines allow you to take your baby’s car seat and buggy for free; check individual airline websites for details.

9. Using a mobile instead of hiring a satnav will save money, but take particular care as some countries, including the UK, have laws against using a handheld device whilst driving.

8. Google Translate is a free app available for android and iPhone which translates text, speech and live video in over 100 languages.

7. Stocking up on ear plugs and neck pillows etc. from your local ‘pound shop’ is cheaper than buying at the airport.

6. If you need sun screen, check the PAO (period after opening) number on anything left over from last year; some products have a two year ‘use by’ date.

5. Planning and booking your holiday activities in advance can save money and avoid impulse buying. tripadvisor.co.uk is a good place to start.

4. Your UK mobile will probably work overseas, but it’s expensive. Take a cheap, unlocked handset and buy a local SIM when you get there. Perfect for booking restaurants and taxis and in the unlikely event of it being lost or stolen you haven’t lost your expensive smartphone.

3. Check the cost of overseas transaction charges on your credit and debit card, they’re not all the same. And paying in the local currency usually attracts a better exchange rate.

2. Budget airlines skimp on extras. Pack a picnic, but remember, no liquids.

1. Always research, set a budget, download apps, book airport parking and car hire before you go to save money and spread the cost.