A WORCESTER Stands Tall giraffe sculpture has been restored and put back safely.

Fort Royal Park has been missing its sculpture, Diversity is Us, since August 3 due to it being vandalised and had to be removed for repair.

Amrit Singh, who decorated Diversity is Us, was distraught when he discovered that someone had damaged his art work.

Mr Singh commented: “I cannot comprehend why anybody would want to do such a thing in the first place. It’s even worse the fact that it is for a good cause.

“It is horrible knowing someone would go out of their way to destroy something that I had worked endless hours on. Every time you create something, especially as an artist, your heart and soul go into it.”

Mr Singh is originally from Birmingham, and suggests Worcester is lacking an arts scene.

“I personally feel that the arts in Worcester is deprived here,” he said, “This project is something that has brought colour to the city. It has also attracted tourism. People have travelled from other cities to visit, which is great for Worcester, and for raising awareness for St Richards hospice which do amazing things.”

Mr Singh was over the moon when his work was put back on the plinth yesterday.

He said: "I’m excited Diversity is back.

“It has been beautiful to see all the families who are enjoying the trail around the city to visit the public art. However, this incident has deprived them for about a week or so, let’s hope it doesn’t happen again."

Mr Singh is an award-winning creative director, artist and content creator.

When asked about what inspired his work, Mr Singh said: “A lot of my art work I do is inspired by diversity. I feel like I’m an advocate for diversity.

“The giraffe I created was inspired by a personal journey. Mainly breaking out of my comfort zone. It’s about the monochromatic shell that many of us have while living our day to day life. When we embrace our true authentic self, we are able to show how vibrant and unique every individual is.”