A PLAN to build 37 affordable homes on green space in St John's is likely to go ahead despite strong objections from residents.

Fortis Living plan to demolish an existing house on Hopton Street to gain access to the site and build 37 homes on roughly half of Sanctuary Park – a field surrounding Windsor Avenue allotments and next to St John’s cemetery.

More than 40 online comments and letters were sent to city council planners objecting to the development, most of which criticised the destruction of one of St John’s few green spaces and the damage it would cause to wildlife.

Residents were also concerned by the sharp increase in cars on the narrow Victorian street and the greater potential for flooding with the increase in houses.

Julie Reynolds, who has lived in St John’s for more than 50 years, said: “I am increasingly saddened by the amount of green spaces that are having houses built on them.

“There are so many new building developments in the city, many of them in the St Johns area that it seems we will soon have no green spaces left.

“As a dog owner I have enjoyed walking around the area behind Hopton Street for many years. It seems such an outrage to destroy it as it is enjoyed by other dog walkers, non-dog walkers and children alike.”

Suzanne Jeffries said Sanctuary Park was a “haven” for wildlife and home to sparrows, badgers, foxes and an array of butterflies, bees and insects.

She said: “I am saddened each year as more and more of these wild spaces are sold off for development, with promises how wildlife will be factored in the planning of the area, when reality is that just means leaving a few trees.

“I have seen this time and time again. I am a mother and I wonder whether there will be any wildlife left by the time my children are older.”

Councillor Matthew Lamb and Councillor Richard Udall, who both represent St John’s on Worcester City Council, wrote to council planners.

Cllr Lamb asked the developer to fund a children’s play area for new and existing children in St John’s as the nearest play area in Oldbury Road would be too far.

Cllr Udall said the demolition of 31 Hopton Street raised serious concerns about subsidence on neighbouring properties.