WHILE it's absolutely right that, as a society, we should be trying to make life as manageable as possible for people with any kind of disability, the cold hard fact is that it takes money to provide the equipment needed.

In Worcester, the vast majority of businesses and venues don't have hearing loops and that makes it difficult for people with hearing problems, so Deaf Direct is calling for action.

This is a worthy cause and would undoubtedly make life easier for lots of people – but who is going to pay for the required hearing loops?

For many businesses, the cost of installing a hearing loop – which can total hundreds or thousands of pounds depending on the system – would be a significant bill.

Deaf Direct suggests that Worcester City Council could help cover the cost but, after years of government funding cuts, our local authorities barely have enough for core services.

This problem, of a lack of money for public services which are essential to many people, is widespread as we still feel the impact of the recession.