ANIMAL charity the RSPCA has welcomed the announcement that the government will ban electric shock collars for dogs and cats – but would like to see this extended to containment fences.

A spokesman said: “The RSPCA welcomes the announcement from government to ban the use but sadly not the sale of remote electronic training collars.

"However, we are bitterly disappointed that, unlike in Wales, the ban will not include those used with electronic containment fences.

“The RSPCA strongly believes that in modern day society there is no excuse or need for the use of devices which can compromise cat and dog welfare, especially when humane and viable alternatives to training and containing dogs and cats are available.”

The government has announced that they will bring in a ban on the use but not the sale of shock collars under the Animal Welfare Act.

However, the ban will not include electric containment fences – but the government will amend the statutory code of practice for the welfare of dogs and code of practice for the welfare of cats to ensure electric fences are used as a last resort and installed by professionals.

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