IF I can help it I avoid my GP office like the plague.

But occasionally, the inevitable happens and I am forced to give up my time, so that I can get treatment for some annoying aliment.

Recently, I made an appointment, I showed up in good time, checked in using the computers provided and even made myself known to reception staff.

And then I waited.

After a while, I became concerned I could have done something wrong but reception staff confirmed my doctor was just running 35 minutes behind.

Now, I know for some that's not a problem and had it been my day off I would feel the same but not when I need to get to work to start a shift.

It is just so frustrating because you have no choice - if you are unwell you are unwell.

I understand that it is likely some appointments take longer than anticipated but maybe they should be longer to begin with or perhaps let people know in advance or on arrival that there is a delay because at least that allows patients to inform their workplace.

I always think that the simple act of keeping people updated is overlooked but is so essential.

And it's not just the delays that frustrate me it's the fact it doesn't seem to work well around a full-time job - often I call up for an appointment but cannot get one before my shift and the practice closes at 6.30pm - far before I can get there after work.

The appointments around 7am that I can do before work have to be booked well in advance.

I once booked mine three weeks in hand because I knew I would need to go but this is not something you can normally predict.

And often after I explain I need late or early appointments I am offered a time I cannot do such as halfway through the work day.

Previously, I went to a minor injuries unit because I desperately needed a prescription and was told I should have seen my GP - because apparently most of them do some late nights.

As far as I know and have been told, mine does not offer such a service.

The problem is for people who work full-time most of the hours are just not helpful and it is difficult to get an appointment in the first place so I worry some people will be put off.