AN 89-year-old woman has been left devastated after the theft of a treasured photo of her mother, who died while giving birth to her.

Olga Allen was targeted by two women in the Superdrug in High Street, Worcester in a distraction theft.

Mrs Allen's purse was stolen and she has been told by police it is unlikely she will get her sentimental photos back.

One of the photographs was of Mrs Allen’s mother. The other was of Mrs Allen as a baby on her grandmother’s lap with her stepmother.

She said: “They were two lovely photos and I am most unhappy about losing them. It has really upset me.

“I’ve had them nearly 90 years and now I have lost them, just like that."

Mrs Allen, from Ombersley, told the Worcester News she is now frightened to leave her home after the theft.

“Being old they prey on you," she said. "It is so cruel.

“These women have picked on me because I am vulnerable. I am now frightened to leave my house. I am constantly checking to make sure my purse is still in my bag.”

Mrs Allen was in Superdrug on August 29 when she was approached by a woman who was asking her about charcoal toothpaste that was on special offer.

She said: “I got caught as I was leaving the shop. One woman was distracting me and kept me talking. She made out she didn’t understand – she didn’t speak a word of English.

“She was asking me about charcoal toothpaste that was being sold, and why it was buy one get one free. I must have repeated myself half a dozen times.

“Meanwhile the other one, who I didn’t even know was behind me until I saw the CCTV, picked out my purse from the top of my trolley.

“According to the CCTV, she looked like a young woman who robbed me, but you can’t really tell because she had a funny hat pulled over her head.

“I was tricked.”

Mrs Allen noticed her purse was missing before getting on the bus when she was searching through her trolley.

The missing purse contains store cards, including one for Boots which had over 500 points on, her pension card, cash and the two photographs.

She said: “It is a horrible thought, someone going through your belongings.

“It is a leather coloured pink and purple purse and I want it back. It holds sentimental value.”

Mrs Allen struggles with arthritis and has had 11 falls over the last three months. She has invested in a four-prong walker to assist her.

She added: “I must use my walker everywhere I go, so I am not very fast. I am in continuous pain, and this experience has made me lose my confidence to leave the house.”