SIR – Walking down the High Street makes me think a tar explosion has happened.

Every time work gets done they take the bricks out and instead of replacing them they just dump black tar on it.

If you walk the length of Shambles you can see all the work been done over the years. And with the new work being done, you can see a river of black tar put on where the bricks use to be.

So much money has been used to make the city centre look nice and now it’s ugly.

I am sure it would be cheaper just to put the old bricks back.

It really gets on my nerves that it’s a waste of Worcester tax payers’ money, just because they are in a rush to get it done.

How can we be proud of our home city, when the local authority do such things?

It was just as bad when they took the trees down after complaints just to put them back up, again a waste of money.

Adam Teague