IRISH travellers have moved from a school playing field to a social club car park.

Five caravans are parked outside Archdales, in Windermere Drive, Worcester. 

John McDonagh, a traveller at the site, said the group was previously at New Road, Worcester, but moved to the social club last night.

He added that they plan to leave at noon tomorrow. 

Archdales had to pay £2,500 to evict a set of travellers last week and said the latest group arrived at around 5.15pm last night.

Dennis Honeywood, chairman of Archdales, aged 71, said: “It’s absolutely disgusting.

“It’s outrageous no one can do anything. Last Friday it cost us £2,500 for the bailiffs to get rid of them.

“We have got the bailiffs coming again this morning. It will cost the same. The gates were padlocked and chained and they lifted the gates off to gain access.

“We are getting a welder in today so the gates can’t be lifted off again, that’s more expense. We are also getting an arch fitted.

“We have to do something, we can’t keep going through this. It’s stressful. It’s a nightmare.”

Mr Honeywood, of Tetbury Drive, Worcester, said a different group of Irish travellers set up in the car park on Wednesday last week.

The chairman added that the club had to close on Wednesday and Thursday last week, although it could not shut last night because there were too many functions on.

Bailiffs are expected to descend on the site at around 10.30am, with Mr Honeywood predicting that the travellers will have left by the end of the day.

He said: “The bailiffs can physically remove them. They can hitch up the caravans and tow them away.

“They left within two hours of the bailiffs being there last time. They were evicted on Friday morning.”

A spokesman for the club added: “They gained access by lifting the gates off the hinges.

“Police were called but they said they were powerless because they are on private grounds which means it's more expense for the club again as we need to get bailiffs again to have them removed.

“There needs to be a change in the law as these people get away with everything and it’s the ordinary people that pay their taxes that are punished.”

The spokesman said the club may face other costs due to the travellers, such as removing rubbish.

Workers are currently carrying out resurfacing work next to Archdales car park, with some raising concerns that the group will not be able to leave while the tarmac is still fresh.

A worker at Worcestershire County Cricket Club's ground said the travellers left the King's St Alban's playing field, behind the club, yesterday.