A PROLIFIC offender has walked free from court after his arrest for being drunk and disorderly at a Worcester hostel – despite breaching his suspended sentence.

Thomas Allen, aged 34, who resides at St Paul’s Hostel, was handed a six-month conditional discharge after police officers found him “intoxicated, shouting and swearing” at the Tallow Hill hostel at 8.30pm on Wednesday, August 29.

Worcester Magistrates Court heard yesterday (Thursday) that, following the outburst, staff at the hostel said Allen couldn’t stay that night.

Shafquat Reaz, prosecuting, said that when someone passed-by, believed to be Allen’s mother, the defendant began swearing.

Mark Turnbull, defending, said: “Mental health and physical health have been a problem. He has a range of medicines because of kidney failure, which is as a result of his lifestyle of overuse. He is clean of drugs. He suffers with depression. He got to a low place over the lack of contact with his son. He foolishly stopped taking his medication.

“His mother and sibling also live at the hostel and they had been talking to him.

“He had drunk some strong lager. The argument was with family members about his current situation. He has been back to see his doctor and they have changed his medicine slightly.”

Mr Turnbull added that Allen takes part in voluntary drugs tests at the hostel.

Magistrates gave Allen a six-month conditional discharge after his guilty plea. His suspended sentence will continue with no changes. He was also ordered to pay £100 court costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

In February he was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £135 in costs after carrying out two thefts.

In November last year he was jailed for 12 weeks after his suspended sentences were re-invoked when he stole toys worth £27 from Marks & Spencer in High Street.