LADY Maisery and diddling go hand in hand, and indeed it is probable that nobody today diddles better, at least in the UK.

And now an audience at Pershore’s Number 8 venue will be able to see and hear the celebrated diddling, and they won’t have long to wait.

A spokesman said: “The trio are one of the foremost English proponents of mouth music, or ‘diddling’ – once common in England, and still found across parts of southern and northern Europe, this form of singing without words is a perfect showcase for their sheer musicality.

“In an English folk scene currently bursting with bold and innovative music, Lady Maisery shine brightly. With their unique approach to harmony singing, intelligent and thoughtful arrangements of both traditional repertoire and original compositions, multi-instrumentalists and singers Hazel Askew, Hannah James and Rowan Rheingans harness and celebrate their united voice.”

The spokesman added: “Whether unearthing a feminist twist hidden in a traditional tale, delivering a poignant anti-war ballad, or showcasing their immense multi-instrumental talents in original compositions that draw on a myriad of musical influences, Lady Maisery are skilful explorers of the power, beauty and vitality of song.

“Over the last five years, the trio have toured widely, performing sell-out shows across the UK and Europe and have released three critically acclaimed albums; and this autumn will see them release a special live album spanning material from their eight year career as one of the most popular folk bands in England.”

Underpinning every performance are Lady Maisery’s distinctive harmonies: “sometimes lush and rich, sometimes dark and invigorating, they intertwine with assured precision. Songs are accompanied by Rowan’s fiddle, banjo and bansitar, Hazel’s harp and concertina and Hannah’s accordion.”

The date for the diary is Tuesday, October 16. For tickets, go to