FOUR males have been arrested after travellers moved on to a social club car park.

Dennis Honeywood, chairman of Archdales club, in Windermere Drive, Worcester, said police were called to the car park three times on Thursday.

West Mercia Police confirmed that a man in his forties, two men in their twenties and a teenage boy were arrested on suspicion of theft on Thursday.

The force could not confirm or deny whether the males, who are still in custody, were travellers - due to national policy on identifying arrested individuals.

Mr Honeywood, aged 71, of Tetbury Drive, Worcester, said: "The bailiffs are here now.

"We are waiting for some of the traveller community to tow the caravans away.

"One was arrested from the club last night. The other three were apparently arrested at 8pm or 9pm last night.

"Police had the dogs out apparently, in the Blackpole area."

The chairman insisted that the travellers would leave before Friday evening.

The travellers moved from the King's St Alban's playing field, in New Road, to the Archdales car park at around 5.10pm on Thursday night.