A FULL scale review of the county’s beleaguered bus network will take place, it has been announced.

Cllr Alan Amos, the cabinet member for highways at Worcestershire County Council, threw his support behind two motions calling for an urgent review of buses - fuelled by the latest round of cuts to services by the council’s two biggest bus operators First Bus and Diamond.

He said he was “very concerned” about recent developments and was more than happy to present an annual report to cabinet on the state of buses in the county and fully supported cross-party calls for a review.

“There is a need for a wide-ranging and fundamental review of the entire bus system and all its variations,” he said during a full council meeting on Thursday.

“It will give us a welcome opportunity to ask the public about the system they want and are prepared to pay for.”

But Cllr Amos, much like First Bus did when announcing it would keep late night services running in Dines Green and Blackpole for the the time being, warned the public to “use them or lose them.”

With at least six months earmarked for public consultation, Cllr Amos was less keen on the Lib Dem plea for a scrutiny exercise over the Autumn in time for next year’s budget – fearing it would clash with council officers' work on building a “ bus system from fresh."

Cllr Liz Tucker, putting forward the motion, said there was a “very serious issue emerging over our public transport” and called for a scrutiny exercise to take place at “crucial times” such as when people are going to work, school and college and medical appointments.

Cllr John Raine said he was disappointed by the “weak” commitment by the county council to provide at least a “basic” network of services to serve the public who “need and depend” on them.

Cllr Raine said the council commits heavily to roads and trains but is “failing” to exploit the opportunity that buses pose as an alternative to cars, congestion and damage to the environment.

Cllr Chris Bloore was glad Cllr Amos supported the idea but did not share his confidence in the council and its officers to decide which bus routes are important and necessary to residents.