A TEENAGE girl was raped in the car park of County Hall in Worcester as three men used her as their sexual 'plaything', a court heard.

The girl, aged 16 at the time, says she was raped at two different locations, including in a car behind a skip in the car park of County Hall, after being given drink and drugs.

The jury began hearing evidence in the trial of Bradley Tout, Kulin Odedra and Kaasim Multani at Worcester Crown Court yesterday.

All three deny paying for the sexual services of a child after giving her alcohol, cannabis, soft drinks and food as payment.

Odedra, aged 28, of Canterbury Road, Ronkswood, Worcester, denies two counts of rape, one of attempted rape, one of assault by penetration and one of attempting to sexually exploit a child.

Tout, aged 20, of Durham Road, Ronkswood, Worcester, denies a single count of rape.

Multani, aged 20, of Westminster Road, Ronkswood, Worcester, faces only one count of paying for sexual services.

The offences are said to have happened at County Hall in Worcester on December 27, 2016 and at another isolated location later the same day.

Steven Bailey, prosecuting, said: "This is a case about the sexual exploitation of a 16-year-old girl by a group of young men – all three, the prosecution say, working together cynically to use her for their pleasure regardless of her feelings, regardless of her consent for their fun, like a plaything, something to be bought, something to be passed around, something to exploit.

"You will hear evidence of something pretty seedy; sordid behaviour between these three defendants and that 16-year-old girl. There are no hearts and flowers in this case. Romeo and Juliet this isn't."

The defendants claim the girl not only consented but enjoyed the experience and at least to some extent instigated what happened.

But Mr Bailey said the girl only knew one of the defendants, Tout. He had texted her, telling her he was with a friend, co-defendant Multani.

Tout had asked her to bring a friend but no-one was available so she was persuaded to come alone. When the girl met Tout she found Multani and Odedra were with him.

Mr Bailey said: "They ended up in a secluded part of the car park behind County Hall, behind a recycling skip and out of sight."

Mr Bailey said Odedra gave the girl Jack Daniels and coke and Multani gave her a spliff which the prosecution say was payment and 'inducement' to carry out the sexual acts.

He told the jury that the girl, whom he described as 'unsophisticated', was 'surrounded' and 'confused' with Tout and Odedra sitting either side of her in the back seat as Tout asked her to perform a sex act upon him which she refused to do.

The girl performed a sex act upon Multani but had not been 'comfortable doing it'.

Odedra was said to have put his hands down her trousers and touched her intimately.

"He did not take no for an answer and continued to try to put his hands down her trousers. Despite her resistance, he was bigger and stronger than her," said Mr Bailey.

Odedra also asked for oral sex but the girl told him she did not want to and it is the prosecution case that he forced her.

Mr Bailey said Multani had recognised that she 'did not want to be doing this' and told the girl 'just say no'.

"If Mr Multani can see this, why can't the others?" said Mr Bailey.

The prosecution case is that Tout then dropped Multani at his home and drove Odedra and the girl to an 'isolated spot'.

Tout and the girl then had sex, Mr Bailey said, while Odedra watched and slapped her.

The prosecution say the girl did not give consent because she had not wanted another man present when she had sex with Tout but 'knew there was no alternative'. Odedra then had sex with her.

"She had, as she saw it, no choice," said Mr Bailey.

Odedra is also accused of offering the girl £70 to perform a sex act on him.

Mr Bailey said that the next day Mr Tout was 'discussing going out to find more girls to share or, to use the words he and Mr Odedra used: slags'.

The trial continues.