MISSING student Tom Jones sounded "fine" as he spoke to his mum and a friend on the phone just before he disappeared, his aunt says.

Jackie Rogers told the Worcester News that Tom spoke to his mum at 3.30am and a friend at 3.45am on Wednesday, and also sent a Snapchat while near the railings just before Sabrina Bridge.

She said 18-year-old Tom "was fine" on the phone, but didn't know where he made the phone calls from.

Police want to speak to anyone who crossed Sabrina Bridge between 3.30am and 4am.

Tom, from Bromsgrove, was last seen in Worcester city centre at around 3am on Wednesday (Tuesday night).

He moved to the city last weekend to study at the University of Worcester, and it is believed that he was walking to his new home in St John's when he vanished.

Divers and police were yesterday searching the river near Sabrina Bridge, while Tom's family and friends handed out posters in the city in the hope of jogging the memory of anyone who may have seen him.

Specialist divers from South Wales Search and Rescue were searching a section of the river close to Grandstand Road.

Police have also been looking at CCTV footage recorded by a camera on the Worcester News building in Hylton Road.

Tom's aunt, Jackie, was at the Riverside Centre in Hylton Road yesterday afternoon to help hand out the posters.

"The university have kindly given us this facility – they have been brilliant. Security and admin have been really good," she said.

"People are out searching areas where he was supposed to be.We have no confirmation that he crossed the bridge though – this would be the most valuable piece of evidence."

She added: "He is of slim build, had a black jacket on, blonde hair – he stands out because he's a little-ish lad, but big in personality.

"To go missing is totally out of character for him.

"He had been drinking but not a lot. He hadn't been out all night because he didn't go out until late."

Tom had been with his dad Ian watching football on Wednesday, his aunt said. He arrived home at around 11. 45pm before getting changed and going out with friends.

Detective Inspector Tony Garner said: "I urge anyone who may have crossed the Sabrina footbridge between 3.30am and 4am to please come forward and get in contact with us.

"Even if you don't think you can help or have any relevant information, we are still keen to hear from you as you may be able to assist with our investigations."

Call West Mercia Police on 101 quoting incident 431s of September 19.

A Facebook group titled FIND JONAH! has been set up by Tom's friends, to co-ordinate their efforts to help the search by handing out posters and sharing social media posts.

Police have asked the public not to search for Tom around the riverside, as they will get in the way of specialist officers.

A member of the public was injured on Thursday evening whilst participating in the search around the river.