THIS week I gave the Paul Pry, in The Butts, a try.

It is believed that the watering hole is named after a famous 1825 play, titled after the main character ‘Paul Pry’.

The hero, whose catchphrase is “I hope I don’t intrude”, is a nosey sort that thrives on rumours and gossip.

Not a bad name for a pub then...

It turns out that Worcester’s Paul Pry is a little less obnoxious than the character.

The pub serves up great food and some good beer.

It is split into a drinking area and a dining room, with a narrow hallway connecting the two.

I ordered the pub’s special, a ‘spoon pizza’ for £8, and a pint of Amstel for £3.50.

There are a few draught ales available, alongside a range of lagers and other drinks, however, as I was getting food I decided to go for something cold.

This was the first time I had a spoon pizza and, while I had my suspicions about it, I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty it was.

Thank you to the bartender for recommending it.

The dish is basically all the ingredients of a pepperoni pizza - just without the base.

It was served in a pan and came with a few pieces of doughy bread, which are meant to be used to mop up the mix of melted cheese and tomatoes.

I usually have reservations when food is served on anything but a plate, however on this occasion the pan presentation worked.

The food was delicious and as far as I know the ingredients were fresh.

The tomato sauce had a sharp spicy flavour which complemented the cheese perfectly.

It went down well with the pint.

If I had to make one complaint about the pub it would be that on the day I visited there was a TV in the dining area, which was on too loud.

However, in all fairness to the pub it has a wonderful interior and really friendly staff.

The dining room has pictures on the walls, ranging from portraits of historical figures to drawings of the cathedral, and a mix of ornate armchairs and plain wooden chairs.

It makes the interior feel slightly eccentric, which I liked.

The 200-year-old pub also looks fantastic from the outside, thanks to the building’s Grade II listed status.

But more importantly than all the above factors, the Paul Pry wisely has a good stock of newspapers to choose from, including - critically - the Worcester News.

It’s good to see that quaint little pubs like the Paul Pry can survive in an era when chains rule supreme.

The Pope family, which runs the watering hole, should be praised for taking over the site after it closed in July 2016.

It previously shut under after just six months because of financial pressures.

The establishment was named Pub of the Year by Worcester CAMRA in 2014.

From my visit I’d say it’s in with a shot of reclaiming that title.

It would be a travesty for the city if the pub were to close again in the future.

I will definitely be heading back again soon to try a few different drinks.