A CHANCE to explore the fascinating facts of outer space lured in large crowds at the Hive in Worcester on Saturday.

The library was the venue for the second annual Space Day, a free event of talks, storytelling and educational activities for adults and children.

Experts and authors shared their stories and knowledge on the sun, stars, the solar system, and how astronauts live in space.

Visitors of all ages had the chance to try out telescopes, watch static rocket firings, and enter a design-a-spaceship competition.

Among the most popular attractions was the chance to wear a virtual reality headset to see what it would be like to walk on Phobos, one of the moons of Mars.

Macdonald Mbaya, of Daden Ltd, which created the virtual reality experience, said: “It’s proving extremely popular, it really makes you feel like you’re visiting another world.”

Another interactive exhibit was a simulator for the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, where the challenge was to successfully complete a docking manoeuvre.

While the RAF stand demonstrated how a giant radar in Yorkshire tracks space debris and keeps the International Space Station safe.

It was not only science that was on show – science-fiction had its place as well, with a visit from K9, the robot dog from vintage Dr Who episodes.

Mark Perman, of the British Interplanetary Society, which organised the event along with the Hive, said: “It’s been really successful. We had 28 exhibitors last year and we’re up to 42 this year. This is the now the biggest space event in the UK.

“It really has something for everyone, from serious technical talks about space travel to fun activities for children to enjoy.”