A CAMPING company is asking people to ‘sponsor’ sleeping bags for rough sleepers in the city.

OLPRO, a Worcestershire-based firm, is still charging £10 for each bag, which usually sell for £29, to cover its costs.

The company will give them to Worcester Street Cafe and the homeless charity Caring for Communities and People (CCP).

A spokesman for OLPRO said: “Homelessness in the Three Counties is a massively growing issue.

“However, not all homeless organisations give out sleeping bags because they don’t like to ‘encourage rough sleeping’.

“We know that not every homeless individual can get shelter, some might be fearful due to previous experiences in a hostel, or not be allowed in due to substance addiction, or simply might choose not to be in a hostel.

“These people deserve to be warm just as much as any others. OLPRO want to help to make rough sleepers a little more comfortable this winter.”

The company launched the campaign today to coincide with World Homeless Day.

Cordell Ray, from CCP, said: “As colder temperatures arrive, especially if it is wet, ensuring people have the basic equipment to stay warm is critical for outreach teams, working on the streets and engaging with rough sleepers.

“Good condition and dry sleeping bags form a part of that list to enable people to stay warm and as well as they can until other longer term services can be accessed.

“This is especially so if winter shelters are full or inaccessible, where cold can become life threatening.”

Lauren Ali, from Worcester Street Cafe, added: “There is little or no sleep for the rough sleepers when it’s cold and wet.

“With last year’s temperatures we didn’t know which one of our friends would make it through to the next day. Let’s help to give them a warmer, drier winter.”

OLPRO will also provide a free pack of wash mitts to rough sleepers for every sleeping bag that is sponsored.

The company will not make any profit from the sleeping bags it sells during the campaign.

To sponsor a sleeping bag go on https://bit.ly/2PpXZvs