Well, you cannot fault Worcester City Council for ambition.

The authority's City Centre Masterplan is a bold blueprint to transform key parts of Worcester, and the council should be lauded for having such lofty aims.

Clearly, the creation of 8,000 new jobs and 3,000 extra homes would be a big boost for the city.

In particular, the plans for the riverside are both eye-catching and very welcome.

For years and years, residents of Worcester have been saying that the city fails to make the most of the riverside – the Masterplan would put that right.

While it's a touch over-ambitious to believe that the area around the Severn could become an "international tourist destination", there's no reason why the riverside shouldn't be far more of an attraction for both city residents and visitors from further afield. With a four-star hotel and a range of bars and restaurants built, that area could be as popular as the Quays in Gloucester, which has been transformed in the past decade.

Good work on the plan, Worcester City Council – now, let's see it happen.