SIR – Architects of neoliberalism met up at their ‘opportunity’ labelled Tory conference.

On ‘danced’ Theresa. Actors aim to convince us of their characters they create – in essence an illusion. Can May truly believe her mantra of the ‘national interest’?

She said she gets it and its been tough but understands. An act?

Has it been austerity for all our dancers in power, I include Blairites, whom brought us all the deadly deregulations, banking greed, MPs expenses scandal, corporate take over of public services to line pockets, weapons for any despot with cash, the carnage wars, the awful truths, like the jargon speak are as endless as ‘realpolitik’ they weave to deceive.

So, while we all pay for austerity, that’s been going on for decades really, the self interested, not national, continue their decadent little dance.

They must pray the many do not see through the fog these swirling dancers create.

We should dance to a different tune.

David Griffiths