THERAPY dogs will visit the University of Worcester to give new students a lift.

There will be 12 volunteers and their dogs from the Pets as Therapy charity at the student induction event, which is being held for first-year students.

Worcester University and The Hive will be holding the event at the Severn Campus, in Worcester, at 10.15am on October 23.

Kathleen Carney, area coordinator from Pets as Therapy, said: “We visit Worcester University and The Hive on a regular basis, giving the students time out from their studies, to lift their spirits and to give them someone outside of the university to speak to.

“We also take our special dogs into hospitals, nursing and residential homes, hospices and schools where we have a Read2Dog scheme which is designed to help children with their reading. The idea is to sit the child down with a dog, in a quiet, calm area away from their peers and without any pressure. Gradually the child finds it easier to attempt to read to the dog, and in time the child’s confidence grows.”

Pets as Therapy is a national charity that aims to enhance the wellbeing of individuals and a community.

Locally, the charity has over 60 volunteers with their dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds.