THE best and worst performing state schools in Worcester based on GCSE results have been revealed.

Figures released by the Department for Education show how well the city’s schools did in the exams taken in the summer.

This is the second year schools have been ranked using the Attainment 8 grading system after major changes were made to how exams are assessed.

Attainment 8 is an average score across eight subjects taken at GCSE, which includes English and maths. The higher the score, the better.

The average Attainment 8 score across all state-funded schools nationally was 46.4.

Nunnery Wood High School was the best performing in the Attainment 8 category with a score 53.9.

Attainment 8 rankings:

Nunnery Wood High School 53.9

Christopher Whitehead Language College 48.6

Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College 48.3

Tudor Grange Academy Worcester 47.6

Bishop Perowne CofE College 44.8

The new system also rates schools on the progress pupils make between Year 6 and when they take their GCSEs. This is called Progress 8.

Nunnery Wood was also the best performing in this category, with a score of 0.56.

Progress 8 rankings:

Nunnery Wood High School 0.56

Bishop Perowne CofE College 0.26

Christopher Whitehead Language College 0.12

Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College 0.02

Tudor Grange Academy Worcester Average -0.05