THE trials and triumphs of a poor girl sent to a posh boarding school will be retold when Blockley Amateur Dramatic Company (BAD Company) presents the award winning comedy “Daisy Pulls It Off” in St George’s Hall for three days, starting on October 25.

Its a class war comedy where the underdog ultimately has her day.

A spokesman said: “Daisy may be poor, and subjected to snobbishness and girlish pranks, but ultimately she triumphs as she saves the school from bankruptcy.

“Adding to the comedic content is the fact that all the girls will be played by adults – bedecked with pigtails, hockey sticks and gym slips.”

The spokesman added: “Heroine pupil and daredevil tomboy Daisy Meredith will be played by Nikki Holt who was recently seen in the Blockley productions of “Blithe Spirit”and “Trevor”.

“She also took part in the Blockley Millennium Mystery Plays directed by Chris Jury.”

Each performance will start at 6pm.