A RESTAURANT has been taken over by a head chef who has catered for Prince William.

Pasha Everest, in St John’s, Worcester, has recently been refurbished and opened as a brand-new eatery by owners, Bhupendra Pathak and Raju Khatri.

The opening, on October 15, was invitation only in which 50 guests attended. The idea was for guests to taste what head chef, Raju Khatri, can bring to the table and get a sneak peak of the dishes available.

Mr Khatri hopes to bring authentic Indian and Nepalese cuisine to the city. He was born in Nepal and has worked in many countries including India, Dubai and the UK in internationally renowned hotels and restaurants.

With more than 15 years of cooking experience, he has had the opportunity to cook for the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William.

Manager at Pasha Everest, Ali Helal, said: “We are very privileged to have Mr Khatri here with us as head chef. He is sought after for what he can deliver and the experience he has had from all around the world.

“We hope to bring the traditional spices from Nepal and India to the community using local produce.”

The mayor of Worcester, Jabba Riaz, cut the ribbon for the official launch of Pasha Everest.

Mr Riaz said: “The Nepalese and British relations are very strong.

“It is an honour and privilege to be here tonight. Everything has been wonderful. The traditional and magnificent home colours have been shown and it was a pleasure to attend this evening.

“Like every new local business that is starting up, on behalf of the citizens of Worcester, we wish you all the best.”

It was optional for guests to enjoy their evening without charge or they could contribute and donate funds to Mr Riaz’s chosen charity, St Richard’s Hospice.