TODAY the Worcester News starts Behind the Business, a series of profiles of the people who have created some of the county’s successful companies. We began with Warren Leggett, the man behind Warren’s Haulage & Removals.

When Warren Leggett left his job at a logistics company in 2014 to set up his own removal firm, he had no idea where it would lead.

“I was 28 and working for a small logistics company where I had access to a van,” said Warren, now aged 33. “On the weekends a lot of people used to ask me to pick things up and do drop offs. It got to once or twice a week and I didn’t know how to quit my job so one day I decided to set up a Facebook page and asked the boss and it spiralled from there.”

That Facebook page became Warren’s Haulage & Removals , and over the last four years the business has become one of the most popular removals firms in Worcestershire and now has nine staff including Warren.

With a fleet of five vans and a team of local staff, Warren has become a well-known local figure, taking part in a charity skydive for Libby Mae’s Angels which raised £1,600, as well as transporting the Worcester Stands Tall giraffe sculptures to their new homes.

But suceess did not come overnight, as Warren explains: “In the early days I went to do quotes and pretended to be a much bigger firm. It was tough at first having a full time job and so I couldn’t go in all guns blazing and when the work mounted up in the weekdays it became a bit much using the business’s van – it got to a point where the choice needed to be made.

“Eventually I saved up enough money to buy my own van which is now a fleet of five vans. The business mainly spread through a lot of word of mouth.”

So what makes Warren’s Removals different? Warren puts it down to the business’s “fresh approach” and having a close-knit group of staff.

“It is about knowing people, and I know all my staff are friends and I have trained them myself,” he said.

In recent times, Warren and his company have made headlines for taking part in a charity skydive for midlands-based charity Libby-Mae’s Angels.

Speaking about how the skydive happened, Warren said: “The skydive came from helping out at the Bromsgrove Carnival and on the day we were all stood round and the person next to me told me all about Libby-Mae.

“My fiancee, who was pregnant at the time, and I looked at the story and it brought us to tears.

“The skydive was a great experience and ever since we have had a soft spot for the charity.”

Warren says his advice to any entrepreneur looking to set up their own business is to “be hungry for the work and not the money”.

“When I started I was hungry for the feedback from people and when you are in it for the money, greed can take over.”

Looking back, Warren says he has no regrets and that the opportunity to set up the business came at the right age and the right time.

He was also keen to stress the importance of hard work, saying: “I have always been a hard worker, and I have built a team which works hard.”

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