A RESIDENT is considering having CCTV cameras installed after her car was keyed during a spate of vandalism.

Tori Kendrick only just moved into Elbury Park Road last month but is already having to take measures to protect her property, after her Alfa Romeo Giulietta was scratched.

The 24-year-old believes at least two other cars were damaged overnight between Saturday and Sunday and said another resident has told her it is an ongoing issue around Tolladine Road.

She said the neighbour, who owns a nearby business, had his car scratched too over the weekend and also previously has had his wing mirrors smashed off.

“I’m still moving in, so it’s not ideal,” said Miss Kendrick, who moved into the house with her boyfriend on October 1.

“I came out on Sunday and saw the scratches,” she explained. “The car was quite dirty anyway but then I looked and saw what I thought was a smudge, but realised it was a massive scratch.”

There are two lengthy scratches at the front and to the rear.

Having only bought the car – which costs around £20,000 brand new – in March, Miss Kendrick said she is still paying it off and has been quoted £250 to £300 for the damage.

“I can afford it but with moving in and all the expenses of that, it’s something I could do without,” she added.

She said she does have a driveway but often parks on the road because other cars are sometimes partially blocking her access.

Miss Kendrick reported the incident to West Mercia Police on Monday but doesn’t know if the other car owners did the same.

City councillor Roger Berry, who represents Gorse Hill ward, said he was not aware of any ongoing vandalism on Elbury Park Road, but said he would raise it with the council’s antisocial behaviour team.

Speaking to the Worcester News, he said: “I am not aware of the issue – in my time as a councillor it’s the first referral I’ve had with vandalism on that particular road.

“However, I will raise it with the antisocial behaviour team and will endeavour to speak to residents in the area.”

In August, a 42-year-old mum – who did not wish to be named – said three vandals smashed up her Audi Q7, which was parked on Portefields Road, also off Tolladine Road and not far from Elbury Park Road.

She said she was in her home with her husband and three children when vandals, believed to be in their late teens or early 20s, smashed six of the car’s windows with a metal pipe, baseball bat and hammer.

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