TWO thieves snuck into the city's hospital and stole items, with one of them imitating a member of staff to access the wards.

There were two reported thefts at Worcestershire Royal Hospital on Sunday night, sparking security concerns about the site.

Police believe a criminal took a bank card from someone's bag in one of the thefts.

Peter Pinfield, chairman of Healthwatch Worcestershire, said: "I find it appalling that anybody can steal any items from people in a hospital, whether its from patients or staff."

Mr Pinfield said patients and relatives should keep their eyes peeled in the hospital and report any suspicious activity.

A spokesman for Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust added: "A security incident was reported on Sunday 4 November after two individuals targeted ward areas on the Worcestershire Royal Hospital site, with two reported thefts.

West Mercia Police have been informed and CCTV images have been shared with them and our other hospital security teams.

“All staff have also been reminded of the need to ensure the personal property of both patients and staff is accounted for and made secure, and to be extra vigilant and challenge any unknown individuals attempting to gain access into areas of restricted access.

“Additionally, the trust continues to strongly advise patients not to bring any valuable or personal items, including money, in to hospital wherever possible.”

Staff at the hospital received a security alert email about the thefts.

The email urged workers to watch out for people following them into restricted areas and to challenge anyone acting suspiciously.

West Mercia Police said one of the thefts took place at around 8pm on Sunday.

Officers are now appealing for information about the incidents.

Anyone with information can ring police on 101 quoting incident number 649s of November 4.

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