PROTESTERS plan to demonstrate in Worcester this weekend in opposition to a right-wing youth conference due to take place in the city council's headquarters.

The United Kingdom Independence Party's youth wing, Young Independence, intends to hold its annual conference at the Guildhall on Saturday.

However, Worcester Constituency Labour Party has organised a protest against the conference and the expected attendance of UKIP's controversial leader, Gerard Batten.

Labour city councillor Joy Squires said the city is still reeling from the EDL's rallies in the city, however the city's UKIP chairman distanced himself from the far-right group.

Cllr Squires, deputy leader of the city council's Labour group, said: “We are only just recovering from two incursions into our city by the English Defence League, attempting to spread their message of hate and division.

"Now we have UKIP’s Gerard Batten. He has called for Muslim-only prisons; an idea that conjures disturbing images of concentration camps and segregation – principles that are anathema to our British way of life.

"He has also spoken at rallies for far-right movements which openly espouse fascism.

“The politics of violence, aggression and division are seeking to make a nest in our city.

"We should not sleepwalk into letting that happen."

Cllr Squires emphasised the importance of remembering soldiers of non-Christian faiths, who fought alongside Britain, this weekend.

She invited residents to join activists at the protest, which starts at 10am outside the Guildhall.

However, Owen Cleary, chairman of UKIP's Worcester branch, said: "The Young Independence conference is a celebration of common sense, youth politics and free speech.

"The venue however, has not yet been made public. The conflation between Young Independence and other unrelated groups seem particularly confused, like comparing apples and oranges.

"Young Independence advocates free speech and the right to disagree, the foundation of true democracy.

"The Labour Party are of course, welcome to protest that peacefully if they wish."

Worcester City Council confirmed that UKIP had hired the Guildhall for the event.

UKIP held an event in the same building in 2013, when former party leader Nigel Farage held question and answer sessions.

Police had not been formally notified about Saturday's protest.