SIR – I feel I must write to you, in relation to the worsening public transport system in Worcester, particularly against the backdrop of three bus stops lined up one after the other, on the Ombersley Road (A449).

I live in Bevere Close, near the new Bellway development (land formerly known as Gwillam’s farm), adjacent to the A449.

Three bus stops are now in place  opposite the new development.  Not two or one, three.

My partner, Andy, is a teacher working in Wolverley (unable to drive for medical reasons), a regular user of public transport.

At one point, many years ago, there was a direct early morning bus to catch from the Ombersley Road to Kidderminster, good for the environment and commuters alike.

This was cut. Result, Andy plus others, catching a bus in the wrong direction every morning, to the train station.  Andy then to the train station at Kidderminster, then to school via a lift from a colleague.

Recently, another cut.  The early bus to the train station no more.  I now drive my partner to the station, every morning at 6.45 am, to catch the train. This is against the backdrop of three bus stops close to our home.

We are regularly informed of the need to be kind to the environment, yet in 2018 in Worcester, Andy cannot catch a bus to work!   Public transport in Worcester needs to be more than a token lip service. it is a public service, essential to so many people for so many reasons, key in the fight against climate change.

Constant under funding of public services from central government has contributed to Worcestershire County Council making many cuts, including public transport. 

Without political will and support for public transport as a decent public service, congestion, pollution and the daily plight of public transport users, will only continue to worsen.

Mel Allcott