A SURVEY shows that 64 percent of South Worcestershire's town councils rate police visibility as poor or very poor.

The survey has been conducted to help police understand the views of town and parish councils on local policing, contact and engagement and crime and anti-social behavioural issues.

Despite their discontent with visibility, over 70 percent of the councils in South Worcestershire that took part in the survey rated the police as doing a fair, good or excellent job.

West Mercia Police commissioner John Campion said: “The findings are reflective of the plans already in place, reinforcing the understanding of the relationship between communities and police. It is reassuring to see that the relationship between councils and police is generally good at a local level but there are some clear areas to improve- visibility of frontline policing is a priority and I have invested to protect this.”

Level of contact with the police was rated as poor or very poor by 50% of the South Worcestershire councils whilst 43% stated it was fair, good or excellent.

From the towns and parish councils that took part in the survey, 14 were from South Worcestershire.