THE MANAGER of a city centre pub has stressed it is still open this evening, after Severn Trent Water (STW) began unannounced work and put up barriers.

STW has told the Worcester News their workers are currently at the site, just outside the Oil Basin Brew House in Copenhagen Street, this evening and the barriers are set to be removed.

Hannah Webb, the pub's manager, said the first they realised STW was at the site was at 10am this morning when staff turned up and discovered the hole was dug.

Posting on social media, she said: "Thanks Severn Trent for digging a humongous hole outside our pub, with no notification whatsoever.

"Not like that's going to effect our business tonight.

"Thanks for leaving a pile of mud against our front door.

"Absolutely raging. "We are open tonight - please come for beer as usual."

Speaking to the Worcester News this evening she said that they were told earlier the hole and barriers - that mean drinkers have to squeeze to get in - would be left there "for a few days".

But she added after numerous calls throughout this afternoon STW workers have arrived at the site this evening.

A spokesman for STW said: "Earlier today there was a suspected leak on Copenhagen Street and we had to carry out emergency excavation work meaning there was little time to update business owners.

"We investigate suspected leaks as quickly as possible to ensure customers continue to have a water supply.

"We are putting temporary tarmac down this evening to ensure the area is safe for pedestrians and will then remove the barriers.

"We’re really sorry for any disruption.”